Ticket for The High Nooners at Depot Station

from Michael Claytor


Word on the western wind is that the roughest, toughest buncha pistol-packin' string-slappers on the whole wide frontier have made their way across the Mississip' on a beeline for Gainesville's historic Depot Station.

It's The High Nooners!

That's right folks, for one night only you'll see these dastardly scofflaws in person, singing the classic cowboy hits and original, never-before-sung western ditties:
Michael Claytor
Sam Moss
Lance Howell
Andrew Cook
C Scott Kauffmann
Jon Alexander
And a red headed stranger not long for this town, Chris Hillman.

Featuring an opening country and western set by Ricky "El Chapo" Kendall.

Pull on yer boots, don't forget your hats, and we'll see you at the station at high noon- that is, 7pm.

Sponsored by the respectable folks at Society Promotions and The Bull.

  $10 USD or more 


Michael Claytor Gainesville, Florida


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